Our Services

Below is a “bird’s eye view” of the services we have to offer. We want you to make an educated purchase based on your cleaning needs, your time allotted, and your budget. No worries, combining services from different categories is just fine.

Full Service Washes

A quick maintenance cleaning inside & out

with focus on the exterior of your vehicle.


10-20 minutes

Appointment Required: NO

Cost: $7.75-$27.95 ($)

Express Detailing

Quick, thorough cleaning with focus

on interior of the vehicle.  Sold a-la-carte & performed while-you-wait.


25-40 minutes per service

Complete Detail: 2-3 Hours

Appointment Required: NO

First Come, First Served

Dropoff service available

Cost: $29.95-$210.00 ($$$)

Premium Detailing

Our showroom, reconditioning detail for

customers who desire the highest level of appearance for their vehicle. 


Interior Only: 5 Hours

Exterior Only: 4 Hours

Complete Vehicle: 8 Hours

Appointment Required: YES

Cost: $120.00-$360.00 ($$$$$)