Sunday April 5th –

As we enter into the crucial period of flattening the COVID-19 curve, we have decided to make the following changes essential to the well-being of our customers and employees:

  • We are only offering Exterior Service car washes with the “Ride Thru” option & towel dry. All Full Service washes and Detailing services have been suspended. Our lobby/lounge is also closed to customers.
  • Our business hours have changed to Monday – Saturday 10a-5p and Sunday 10a-2p (Weather Permitting). Give us a call to determine business status for that day.
  • **ALL FIRST RESPONDERS, HEALTHCARE, GROCERY STORE, PHARMACY, & SHIPPING PERSONNEL RECEIVE 50% OFF ANY WASH WITH WORK ID BADGE** As you “Ride Thru” our wash tunnel, take a minute to escape from the uncertain times we are in and feel refreshed in a clean car. A bit of normalcy can go a long way! Thank you for all that you do! (Personal vehicles only)

Monday, March 23rd –

St. Louis County has issued a Stay At Home Order to enforce appropriate social distancing and to limit the function of non-essential businesses. Based on our interpretation of the Order we will remain open for business while strictly adhering to social distancing mandates in the order. We are providing crucial public health cleaning services for essential activities and businesses as defined by the county. We strongly advise that you adhere to the Stay At Home Order and can find more information about the Order by viewing the FAQs at the county website. As always we sincerely appreciate your cooperation, understanding, and support! Thank you!

Friday, March 20th –

As a small business with customers’ and employees’ well-being our utmost priority, we have developed the following responses to the COVID-19 virus.

  • All full-service car wash and detail customers will receive a COMPLIMENTARY SANITIZING SERVICE* on high touch areas of their vehicle’s interior. Before entering your vehicle, our employees will use a safe, sanitizing cleaner to disinfect high touch areas like the steering wheel, shift knob, and door panels.
  • We have added a “RIDE THRU” exterior car wash option. If you desire a minimal exposure experience, we are allowing customers to ride through the car wash inside their vehicle for a limited time. This is a unique, exciting, and fun opportunity as LED lights and scent from soaps fill your vehicle on most car wash options. You have the option to drive away or stop at the designated area for a signature towel dry.
  • Our full service wash and detailing business is following all federal and state guidelines regarding COVID-19. We are encouraging sick employees to stay home, disinfecting frequently used surfaces, and following the rule of 10 and other social distancing practices inside our building at all times. Our interior lobby, lounge, and restrooms will remain open until we are instructed otherwise.
  • Business hours will remain the same. Our car wash is open 8am to 5pm Monday through Saturday, and 9am to 2pm on Sunday – weather permitting. The detail center has the same hours and is open rain or shine for simple vacuuming and dusting all the way up to detailing packages.

We are all in this together as a community! Your understanding, cooperation, and support is tremendously appreciated.


The Barthelmass Family and Employees

*Cleaner used is EPA approved and designed to kill foodservice germs & acts as a disinfectant against human coronavirus. GGCW & DC makes no claims and takes no responsibility in it doing so.