Now featuring: Carbonite Graphene

Carbonite Graphene is a surface hardener from Simoniz. It provides water spot resistance, anti-corrosion against road salt and other contaminates, as well as oxidation and UV protection. In other words, it will help keep your car cleaner longer! This is a car wash tunnel spray-on application that is included in our 5 Star Car washes or add to any wash for $5. 

(You may also remember hearing about Carbonite here --> STAR WARS

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As a General Grant “insider” we want to give you every opportunity to save on great services. That’s why we are delaying the adjustment of pricing on the following items until November 22nd. That means you will receive old pricing on top of already discounted prepaid car washes! See below for details on each prepaid category. Single wash pricing and monthly membership pricing was adjusted on Nov 8th (NEW MENU).

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These wash cards never expire. Use the washes as you go, or gift it to someone special this holiday season. Not only are you getting 4 washes for the price of 5, you are also receiving old pricing until Nov 22nd! Shop in-store or online. 

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