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General Grant Car Wash has been family owned and operated at our Watson Road location since 1970. Throughout the years, our focus has always been on providing the best possible service and products for you, our customer.

Proud to be a member of the International Carwash Association


Our customers love the choice between our Full Service (Inside & Out) or Exterior Service (Outside Only) wash options with the ability to “Ride Thru” the car wash tunnel on our Exterior Service option. We’ll even pull your car into the car wash tunnel for you if desired! Our safe, soft-cloth wash tunnel is impeccably maintained because we do it ourselves, making sure every piece of equipment is running at peak efficiency every time you visit. You can expect us to pay attention to little details, like vacuuming your vehicle’s interior, hand washing your windows inside and out, and hand drying every vehicle that comes through our wash tunnel. Even our basic wash includes Bug Prep & Spot Free Rinse – features that are considered premium at other car wash sites.

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Rick Barthelmass


Nick Barthelmass


Brian Tucker

general manager

Mike Miskimon

Detail Manager

Stephanie Kordonowy

Lead customer care cashier

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In our Detail Center, we test every product we use because we know that if we’re not totally happy with it, you won’t be either. Our detail technicians are trained to use safe and effective products and methods to achieve optimum results on every car. What would a detail be without a second pair of eyes? Expect a manager or supervisor to inspect each vehicle before delivery and a technician to go over it with you before you leave our site.

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