Our promise to you is 5-Star service and cleaning each time you visit General Grant Car Wash & Detail Center. This guide will help us achieve that goal – let’s get started! (For Detail Center guidelines click here.)


1) Prepare your vehicle

Please organize or remove personal items, trash, etc. Turn off automatic windshield wipers and close all windows including the sunroof.

**Magnets, decorations, and bike racks must be removed from all vehicles. All items from open pick-up truck beds must be removed before entering our wash tunnel.

2) Select *Exterior Service* or *Full Service*

Our car wash entrance is at the rear of our building. There are two lanes to the entrance:

  1. The Right lane is for Exterior Service (outside only) car washes.
  2. The Left lane is for Full Service (inside & out) car washes.

You may “Ride Thru” with your vehicle using the right Exterior Service lane.

3) Select car wash & cleaning services

Our Greeter will help you select the services that are right for your vehicle. You will give payment to the Greeter outside for Exterior Service washes OR receive a service ticket to pay the cashier indoors on Full Service washes. This is also where your car will be vacuumed if you choose a Full Service wash. (View our menu here)

4) The Car Wash Tunnel

This is where the magic happens! The exterior of your car is cleaned using safe, automated processes and soaps. Experience the wash process first hand as you Ride Thru (Exterior Service washes) or view the wash process from windows in our lobby (Full Service washes). While indoors, please visit our Cashier desk to complete payment & join our Unlimited Wash Club.

5) Aftercare

All cars are towel dried at General Grant! If you “Ride Thru” with your vehicle you will slowly drive from the wash tunnel to the designated towel dry area. For Full Service washes, our employees wipe the interior windows, dash, console, door panels, & exterior by hand – all while you wait in the comfort our lounge.

6) Ready to Go

Look for an employee to raise their hand or a towel near your vehicle. This signal means your car wash is complete and is ready for personal inspection. An employee will greet you at the vehicle and is at your service until you drive away satisfied.


1) Schedule your appointment

All detail services require a scheduled appointment. Please call (314) 842-3033 to schedule a time or visit our site for a final quote and to schedule in-person.

2) Prepare your vehicle

Prior to your appointment, please remove all personal items from areas that you wish to be cleaned or are scheduled to be cleaned. Normally, we do not open closed compartments (glove box, center arm rest, etc.) unless instructed to do so. Please bring your detail quote sheet if you received one before your appointment.

3) Arrive and confirm services

Please arrive before or at your scheduled appointment time and park in one of the four parking spaces on the side of our building. Use the front lobby entrance and proceed to the cashier desk for check-in. Our cashier will confirm your personal information and page a manager to go over your vehicle and confirm the exact services we are going to perform.

3) Detail services performed

While our detail technicians perform cleaning services, you may wait in our lounge and connect to our complimentary Wi-Fi or you may drop off the vehicle for pick-up at a later time. Our cashier will contact you via phone when your vehicle is finished.

4) Pick up and final inspection

Before service completion a detail manager inspected your vehicle, but the detail technician that performed your service will also walk through the completed services and present the finished product to you. They are at your service until you are satisfied with the final result!