Save up to $8 on your 2nd wash each month!

How it Works

Register your personal vehicle by make, model, color and license plate. We will issue and place a small bar code sticker on the inside of your front windshield. When you visit, a quick scan of your sticker and you’re on the way to having a shiny, clean car.

Automatic Billing

Membership fees are safely and securely billed to your debit or credit card each month on the anniversary date of plan initiation. Only one charge and one transaction take place each month. Your membership will remain active until you or GGCW cancel the plan. Please note, membership will be interrupted if your credit or debit card expires, is cancelled, or replaced. Payment information can be updated or changed by phone or in person.

How To Cancel

You may cancel at any time. Cancellations can be made in person or through e-mail at No phone cancellations please. No refunds or credits will be issued for the remainder of the month, however, the plan is still active until the end of the billing cycle, allowing you to continue its use until then.


Every vehicle registered will receive 20% off Express Detailing services. A sure way to keep your vehicle looking its best! This offer is limited to any Full Service wash plan only. Detailing must be performed on registered vehicle, no substitutions. 

Choose Your Plan

Select the Unlimited Wash Plan that best fits your needs. There is no oversize charge for larger vehicles. Want a different service? No worries! Upgrade to a different wash or service for that day and only pay the difference. 

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